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Sue Chamberlain

Nationally Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Sue Chamberlain has been helping the hearing impaired population hear better since 1993. She is a licensed Hearing Aid Specialist in the State of Minnesota and also California, having practiced in both states. She is a native of Minnesota and attended the University of St. Thomas. She is also Nationally Board-Certified and has served in the past as a proctor for the California State Board Exams.

Sue’s ability to give back the gift of sound through hearing aids gives her a great sense of joy and satisfaction and is the best part of her job. Recently, this past summer, Sue had the honor of participating in a hearing mission in Peru. The foundation she was assisting worked through the International Rotary Club and they helped 1,600 of the needy with better hearing! Sue believes that when we are lucky enough to have normal hearing, we so often forget how we take this amazing sense of hearing for granted and the importance of how it helps us to connect with the world around us! We take for granted that we can easily communicate with loved ones or hear the waves lapping along the lake when Sue sees the joy on someone’s face telling her they can hear the birds sing again with the help of their hearing aids or hear the sweet voice of their grandchildren - her heart soars!

Sue’s passion for technology keeps her up to date with the latest advances in hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers. Her caring commitment to being the source of hearing help for the Cottage Grove community and surrounding areas is a source of pride and keeps her passionate and inspired. She loves what she does and she feels blessed to be able to help her patients connect with family, friends, and the world around them and enjoy life to the fullest!

When Sue is not busy helping people hear better, she’s usually doing something active and outdoors. She enjoys hiking with her dogs, boating, gardening, traveling, and attending all types of venues involving music!

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