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Glenn Swits
Glenn Swits
Sue is very knowledgeable and professional. She is hands on to show how the hearing aids work and how to keep clean. Also setting up the app and how to use with different situations.
Charles Gruber
Charles Gruber
I had a very good experience with lifesounds. These are my first hearing aids, so I didn't know what to expect. I really waited too long to get hearing aides. They have made a big difference in my life.
keith bibelheimer
keith bibelheimer
Thanks to Lifesounds Hearing I can actually have normal conversations in noisy areas. The hearing aids are very nice!!
Michael Miller
Michael Miller
Excellent service, very thorough exam, explained options and process very well.
Tom Lawrence
Tom Lawrence
Very detailed appointments and thorough explanations of how everything works and how to maintain the hearing aids for future use. Sue is very knowledgeable on the different products and the pros and cons of each.
Fred Lindner
Fred Lindner
Friendly and professional service and support
Susan Klotz
Susan Klotz
Sue chamberlain was extremely helpful. The hearing aids are so comfortable that i forget I have them in.
Wes Hillman
Wes Hillman
Lifesounds was great to work with and my new hearing aids are wonderful!
Anita Miller
Anita Miller
I’m very happy with the care I recieved. The atmosphere is calming and relaxing sue ts positive and comfortable to be wirh

Your Hearing Is Our Concern

At Lifesounds Hearing Healthcare, we understand how hearing loss can impact your everyday activities. The ability to hear well is an essential part of how we interact and view the world around us, and more importantly, our loved ones. It can be debilitating to lose that ability, but you can trust in the knowledge that we are here to help you.

Through the expertise of our hearing professionals, we strive to provide our patients and their families with the best individualized hearing solutions, based on a patient’s hearing loss, needs, and lifestyle. Our goal is to treat you the way we treat our own family.


About Us

Take Control of Your Hearing Health by Taking Action Today!


Most people with hearing loss aren’t willing to admit it’s happening to them, yet hearing loss can affect anyone, at any point in time. Living with hearing loss affects every area of our lives, from relationships to independence to mental and emotional well-being.

At Lifesounds Hearing Healthcare, we believe no one should be limited by hearing loss. Take control of your hearing health and don’t let your hearing loss come between you and the things you value most. Don’t settle for less than the best, but take action now by allowing Lifesounds Hearing Healthcare to help you hear with the most advanced hearing technologies available today. We believe you deserve the best hearing to enjoy a quality of life that’s most important to you. Call us now!

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Care Tailored to Your Needs

Every hearing loss is unique, and every fitting needs to reflect that.

All hearing aids at Lifesounds Hearing Healthcare are custom-fitted. Great care is taken to fit each hearing aid specifically to your particular hearing needs, to ensure an optimal hearing experience.

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When it comes to hearing technology, we work with the world’s best manufacturers, so you’ll receive the ultimate in hearing assistance

Looking for a hearing aid to fit your active lifestyle? We have hearing devices that reduce feedback, cut wind noise, and are covered in advanced nanotechnology that keeps your devices protected from dirt, dust, sweat, and earwax so they keep up with you when on the go.

Looking for a bit of help hearing at the office or in that noisy restaurant? Advanced directionality features, speech recognition in noise, and background noise suppression will help you easily focus on the speaker, participate in conversations stress-free, and help increase your productivity at work or play.

Want to connect effortlessly with the technology you use everyday? With the ultimate in connectivity features, we have devices that will allow you to seamlessly connect directly with your smartphone, iPhone, or Android. You can stream audio directly to your ears so that you can experience crisp, clear phone calls and music the way it was meant to be heard. You even receive email notifications or driving directions if you choose. You’ll be able to connect to the world around you in a whole new way with our amazing made for smartphone hearing aids.

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Our hearing aids are sleek, sophisticated devices, many of which are so tiny no one will ever notice them!

Rather than aging you, these devices will give you clear hearing and allow you to get back to the things you love. Whatever your lifestyle and hearing needs, working together we’ll find the best hearing solution that fits your unique hearing profile and lifestyle. The only thing your friends will notice is how young you seem, so don’t delay, but call us at Lifesounds Hearing Healthcare and start your journey to better hearing.


Why Choose Us?

  • Over 25 years providing professional and expert hearing healthcare
  • Convenient location with plenty of parking
  • Exceptional follow up care giving you ongoing, personalized service
  • We offer online telehealth and remote hearing care solutions
  • Advanced real ear measurement fitting verification
  • FREE* Comprehensive hearing evaluation
  • FREE Demonstration of new technologies
  • FREE* Clean & check for lifetime of hearing aids
  • Work with all major manufacturers giving you choice
  • Quick repairs and maintenance
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% Money-Back guarantee
  • Interest-free payment plans available
  • Independently owned & operated
  • Work with most major insurances where applicable

*May be restricted due to individual insurance plans

We accept all major credit cards:

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Call Lifesounds Hearing Healthcare Now to Schedule a Hearing Evaluation

1-833-HEARITE or 1-833-432-7483

Visit us today for a hearing evaluation and let us help you hear better. Our easy, non-invasive hearing tests will assess your ability to hear in quiet and in noise. Together, we will discover your hearing range and find out which high or low sounds you may be missing. This process allows us to suggest the solution to help you hear your best. The hearing evaluation also includes a visual exam of the ear to look for signs of illness or infection, as well as check any wax buildup that could affect your hearing.

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